Monday, July 1, 2013

Bathroom Shelves

My bathroom has been a bit of a problem since we moved in.  It is literally too small to fit both of us at the same time. Luckily I get ready in my bedroom or we'd be in trouble :) So far the small size hasn't been an issue, but the storage space has.  Here it is when we moved in.  I bought a clear little organizer from Target to put under the counter and that has been a life saver.

Sorry for the poor pictures, there are no windows in there and getting a good angle is next to impossible.  We also only have one small closet in our bedroom and I have been keeping our clean towels at the top but it is a pain to be in the shower and realize the only clean towels are in the bedroom.  So I have been wanting to add storage.

Tip: cut tape the same length as the nail holes.

Put tape on wall (keep it level) screw in at ends of tape. 
So much better than guessing!! And you can use the same piece of tape for every shelf you hang.

I got these floating shelves at Ikea for about $7 each. I originally wanted to hang baskets but finding sturdy, decently priced, perfect sized ones proved harder than I thought.  I'm glad I ended up with the shelves because I could hang them as far apart as I wanted, fitting more or less on the shelves.

This is a glass shelf I got at Ikea when we first moved in.  (there is NO counter space) It is the perfect width to hold our sonicares and Tom's razor without being in the way. Notice how our mirror is hung wayyy off center, almost to the edge of the counter?? (really, I would like to have a conversation with whoever built our house) I bought that square mirror next to it in a 4pack at Ikea.  I hung one at the end of our shower so Tom can shave in it and wash down the hair when he was done. I got sick of wiping the counter/floor down all the time. With three left, I decided to hang one that is actually above the sink and it really does help make the room look bigger!

And now I have room for some pretty little decorations too. 
I put my qtips and cotton rounds in an empty mason jar on one of the shelves.

Okay, so one more time. 


I am SO happy with the extra storage space.
Now I have room in my closet for other things!

I had some fun making a wreath the other day.  I will be showing this tutorial soon!!

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